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Intersection #6 of 10: To Become a Magical CEO

Jul 5, 2023 | 0 comments

Intersection #6 of 10: Ability to be a magical CEO.

By Mitch Praver (a.k.a. The CEO Magician,

In magic, magicians are trained to know how to draw people in, engage them and create the context for them to believe in what they see, and think about the greater possibilities.

In business, magical CEOs can be as mesmerizing. They can inspire and motivate and unlock incredible potential. Magical CEOs and performers both create environments where magic can happen, but innovation just puts the company on the right track. You still need to get somewhere other than where you are. Magical CEOs are worth their weight in stock options.

These are examples of magical CEOs:
● Zappos’ CEO Tony Hsieh is known for its unique approach to leadership focused on creating a positive and energizing workplace culture. Hsieh, believes in the importance of building relationships with employees and creating a sense of wonder and excitement in the workplace – with regular surprises for employees, for customers…
● Starbucks’ Founder-CEO Howard Schultz transformed Starbucks from a regional coffee company to one of the world’s top brands. He ironically wasn’t passionate about coffee as much as wanting to create a unique and welcoming coffeehouse experience – a “third place” (other than home or business) where people could gather and socialize. He also led with social responsibility, advocating for ethical sourcing of coffee beans and environmental sustainability initiatives.

Both in business and in magic, CEOs share some similar characteristics with successful professional magicians, particularly corporate magicians. Both excel in understanding their audience, tailoring their performances or strategies to meet specific objectives, possessing a background in business, engaging their audience or teams effectively, and creating an extraordinary experience for their customers,partners and investors..Most of all, magical CEOs seem to have an innate ability to navigate market chaos, maintain a steady hand and create order out of the chaos.


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